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We all know that businesses are nothing without their people. 

Freshr Ltd focuses specifically on small to medium sized fast growing companies looking to introduce new thinking or ways of working in the "people" or HR space. Our expertise is leveraged as consultants, or on-site resource.

We believe these 3 points set us apart:

  1. We're highly collaborative; we will be keen to understand your business and people, then work with you in a connected way to ensure we get the best possible results.

  2. We're also very down to earth and straight-talking so you get clear relevant advice, not corporate jargon.

  3. We're grounded in Occupational Psychology and the latest thinking in this space not old-school traditional HR


Contact us for an informal chat and we'll guide you through our approach.


Ready for a chat?

We're proud to have worked with:

Dan Cobly

Managing Partner, Blenheim Chalcot

Laura was able to quickly understand and prioritise our needs and introduce much needed structure. She showed a client-centric approach in doing so, the executives felt heard, and always trusted Laura would act in our best interests

Laura instills a sense of calmness and assurance in those around her, she will take matters in her stride and can be trusted to find a well considered solution. She has been very reliable for us and is someone we will call upon in the future.

I had the pleasure of working with Laura whilst she delivered some bespoke training to our Customer Service team.


From taking the work brief through to delivering the training, she was professional, knowledgeable and delivered the training in a way that made everyone feel she was part of the team.


I would highly recommend her

Martin Warner

Head of HR, Smart Pension


WeWork, July 2018 - present. On-site Head of People, UK&I